Season 1, Episode 19
Air date January 28, 1965
Written by Bernard Slade
Directed by Sherman Marks
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A Nice Little Dinner Party is the 19th episode of the first season of the Bewitched.


After Endora promises to curb her witchery for the evening, Samantha arranges a dinner for Darrin's parents and her mother to meet. Darrin is fearful of the results. Frank Stephens has just retired and feels lost and insecure. Endora, being utterly charming, as she has promised Samantha, plays up to Frank. Frank once more feels life is worth living, but Phyllis becomes jealous. Before Phyllis is through, she is sure Endora wants to take Frank from her. She asks Darrin for the name of a divorce lawyer. Darrin and Samantha work feverishly to save the marriage. Despite their efforts, Phyllis takes a train to Arizona and Frank boards a plane on the first step of a world trip. Samantha asks Endora's help. Using her witchcraft, Endora brings both train and plane to Angel Falls, where Frank had proposed to Phyllis years before. In the romantic setting, they both realize they are much younger than they thought.


  • In this episode, Endora claims she was born in Salem, but this is incredibly unlikely. She and Samantha later confess to having met numerous historical figures, many of whom existed long before Salem was founded.
  • Endora meets Phyllis and Frank for the first time.
  • This episode was filmed on December 10, 1964