Abner Kadabra is the 29th episode of the first season of the Bewitched.


Gladys catches Sam and her magic at work when she is rearranging pictures. Of course, Samantha convinces Gladys that she's the one doing the magic, by ESP. Gladys goes crazy with the notion that she has "powers," so Samantha sets up a seance to scare Gladys. Using her magic, she creates ghosts and turns Abner into a pile of dust! Gladys swears to give up her "powers" to bring Abner back, and he returns to his original form.


  • Samantha directly addresses Mrs. Kravitz as "Gladys" once during this episode and for the only time throughout the series.
  • Sam and Darrin call Abner by his first name in this episode.
  • Abner is retired from his job that we know nothing about.
  • This episode completed filming on February 25, 1965.


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