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Aunt Clara
Aunt Clara
First Appearance: The Witches Are Out
Last Appearance: Samantha's Secret Saucer
Cause: Actor's death
Portrayer: Marion Lorne
Episode Count: 28
Species: Witch
Gender: Female
Occupation: Sat on a witches committee that tested Tabitha's powers
Family: Maurice (brother)
Endora (sister-in-law)
Samantha Stephens (niece)
Tabitha Stephens (great niece)
Adam Stephens (great nephew)
Significant Other(s): Ocky (boyfriend)

Aunt Clara is Samantha's ever loveable, but bumbling and forgetful aunt. She also has the distinct recognition of being one of the few of Samantha's relatives that Darrin actually liked. She was constantly causing problems when she used her magic, as her magic (or her) didn't work as she intended. After each blunder, she would forget the spell and Sam and Darrin would have to work long and hard at getting the problem resolved so that no one, especially Gladys Kravitz, discovered that magic was at work. Aunt Clara was notable for falling down the Stephens' chimney with doorknobs in her handbag.

Aunt Clara's MishapsEdit

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