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  • First episode = Witches and Warlocks are my Favorite Thing
  • Last episode = Samantha's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse (Hagatha)
  • Adam, Warlock or Washout (Enchantra)

Species = Witches

Gender = Females


Portrayer = Reta Shaw (Hagatha), Estelle Winwood (Enchantra),in episode = 3 Specialty = Witchcraft Occupation = Hagatha: Owns a school for witches. On the witches committee that tested Tabitha's powers.

Both Enchantr and Hagatha were on the witches committees that tested Tabitha and Adam's powers. Aunt Enchantra and Aunt Hagatha are the aunts of Samantha and thought to possibly be sisters to Endora. However, Endora blows this theory out of the water when she says that she was an only child before Arthur was born. Thereby, the theory of Enchantra and Hagatha being Endora's sisters is highly unlikely.

Both women are like Endora in many ways due to the fact they are bigots to mortals and are heads of the witches committee.  Enchantra and Hagatha usually are seen riding in the Stephen's house by car called Macbeth, an antique car which goes through the walls by magic. They first appear in the episode "Witches and warlocks are my favorite things".  Hagatha and Enchantra appears in "The Trial and Error of Aunt Clara" to have Aunt Clara made Earthbound for all of her "goof-ups".  Hagatha often babysits Tabitha through each season but is not seen except in the episode "Samantha's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse."  Enchantra mentions that Hagatha owns a school when they were deciding Tabitha's future.

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