Driving is the Only Way to Fly is the 26th episode of the first season of Bewitched.


Samantha wants to learn how to drive, but after Darrin attempts to teach her, they have a fight and he enrolls her in a driving school. Sam is instructed by a new driving instructor and nervous wreck named Harold Harold (Paul Lynde's first appearance). Samantha uses her witchcraft to get out of potential accidents, and Harold gets so out-of-control after hearing Endora's voice from the back seat that he goes to see a psychiatrist. As a result, Harold is fired, but is rehired when Sam loyally states that she will go to another school rather than learn from another instructor.


  • As Elizabeth Montgomery filmed this episode, she was in her first month of pregnancy. This would be a storyline in the second season.
  • This episode was filmed on February 5, 1965.
  • Paul Lynde, who would later play Uncle Arthur, makes his first Bewitched appearance as driving instructor Harold Harold in this episode.