George the Warlock is the 30th episode of the first season of the Bewitched.


Darrin is spending a lot of time with D.D. "Danger" O'Reilly, Pleasure's younger sister, who is house-sitting for Pleasure. Endora, as usual, tries to break up the marriage again by using a handsome male warlock named George to woo Samantha. When his plan (and Endora's) is unsuccessful, he turns himself into a raven with a lot of talent, so much talent that he creates a perfect image for Darrin's advertising campaign for typewriters. Samantha tells Darrin who is behind the raven, and George turns back into his old self and starts going after Danger O'Reilly. Endora has lost again when he returns to his girls.


  • As a raven, George whistles the Bewitched theme.
  • Pleasure's kid sister, Dora "Danger" O'Reilly, is house-sitting for Pleasure while she is away on her honeymoon.
  • This episode was filmed on March 4, 1965, when Elizabeth Montgomery was in her second month of pregnancy.