Season 1, Episode 16
Air date January 7, 1965
Written by Tom Waldman & Frank Waldman
Directed by Sidney Miller
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"A is for Aardvark"
It's Magic is the 16th episode of the first season of the Bewitched.


The members of the Hospital Fund Auxiliary appoint Samantha Entertainment Chairman for the group's bazaar. Limited to spending fifty dollars, Samantha hires Zeno, a broken down magician who has taken to drink. Because of this, his assistant, Roxie Ames, has left the act. Using her gift of magic, Samantha makes Zeno the hit of the show. As a result, Zeno gets a job on TV. Zeno pleads with Samantha to help him. Assisted by Samantha, Zeno runs through a very successful rehearsal. Just before the show goes on the air, Roxie appears and injects herself into the act. Hogging the show, Roxie kills Zeno's act and his confidence. She admits she returned just to get a regular spot on TV herself. Samantha turns Roxie into a comic prop for Zeno. After Zeno's successful performance, Darrin tells Samantha that his client has booked Zeno for the next thirteen weeks. Darrin attempts some magic on his own. When he succeeds, he is not certain whether his skill or Samantha's magic is responsible.


  • Samantha's integrity is confirmed in this episode. She has the capacity to produce money in unlimited supply, but she intends to earn it the mortal way.
  • This marks the second of four episodes in which Samantha embarrasses a female rival by exposing the rival's cosmetic beauty aides. In this case Roxy Aimes' gown tears away revealing she wears a girdle (to a howling audience). The other three episodes involve women losing their wigs.
  • This episode was filmed on November 27, 1964.
  • The title alludes to the Doris Day song of the same name.