Name: Maurice
First Appearance: One Big Happy Family
Portrayer: Maurice Evans
Species: Warlock
Gender: Male
Occupation: Actor
Family: Tabitha Stephens (granddaughter)
Adam Stephens (grandson)
Aunt Clara (sister)
Serena (niece)
Aunt Hagatha and Aunt Enchantra (sisters in law)
Uncle Arthur (brother in law)
Spouse: Endora
Children: Samantha Stephens (daughter)
Maurice is the warlock father of Samantha

Stephens and is the husband of Endora.  Maurice is seen several times in Bewitched episodes, including "My Grandson the Warlock."  Maurice is also a member of the Warlocks' Club, a secret club for suave warlocks.  Maurice appears in seasons 1 through 4, helping out Samantha.  Maurice is known for his William Shakespeare quotes and his theatrical performances.

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