Open the Door Witchcraft is the 28th episode of the first season of the Bewitched


Garage door openers become the absolute rage when Samantha uses her magic to open her garage door. To ward off the Kravitzes, Darrin is forced to buy a remote control for the garage. The thrill is short-lived when airplane signals keep controlling the door, and Darrin accuses her of using magic. Sam swears that she will never use witchcraft again, but wish she had when a plane signal locks the garage -- with them in it! Darrin wants her to open the door, but Sam goes by her oath as another plane flies by. The door flies open and they are free to go, but they face another obstacle -- facing the Kravitzes!


  • Sam tells Darrin that she will live longer than he will. But in episode 22, she tells him that she will zap herself into aging the mortal way.
  • In this episode Darrin and Samantha are trapped in the garage. During the door installation scene, it is revealed that there is a side door to escape.
  • This episode was filmed on February 18, 1965.