Pleasure O'Reilly is the 25th episode of the first season of the Bewitched.


There's a new sexy, vivacious lady in town! Her name is Pleasure O'Reilly, a model who is hiding from her overly jealous boyfriend, Thor "Thunderbolt" Swenson. She calls on the Stephens late one night and needs protection from Thor, who found out her new address. Darrin agrees to help her out, and when Thor comes to look for Pleasure, Samantha makes him think that Darrin's got a thing going on with Pleasure. When Thor goes after Darrin, Samantha turns him into his grandmother. Darrin might be saved, but Abner isn't! After Abner gets knocked out for no reason at all, Pleasure's lawyer puts a restraining order on Thor to keep him away, but not before taking her to the mayor's office for an honor she has received.


  • The headline in The Star-Dispatch is "Passion is Pleasure's Plaything".
  • Pleasure's address is 1123 Morning Glory Circle, as disclosed when the house was later purchased by Elaine Hanson (Episode 150), and by Mr. Ferguson (Episode 215).
  • This episode was filmed on January 25, 1965.