All spells cast by Samantha Stephens.

To turn Darrin back from a chimp Itsy bitsy weedendotten.

To turn chair back into a man: Chair of cloth and wood and grain, become a human being again.

To turn a chimp into a man and back: A monkey you are. A monkey you'll be, but in human form when I count to three, 1,2,3.

A chimp you once were, a chimp you will be, back the way you were when I count to 3, 1,2,3.

To make Aunt Clara younger so she could remember her remover of bad spells spell: From the Fountain of Youth, this cup I pour. You're ten years younger than you were before.

Season OneEdit

To Get Rid of EndoraEdit

One re or re ickery Ann,
Phillison follison Nicholas John

  • Note: Spell failed

To Get Rid of Endora part 2Edit

One re or re ickery Ann,
Phillison follison Nicholas John.
Queevy quavy English navy,
Sticklum, stacklum Buck!
B - U - C - K spells “Buck” and out goes you!

  • Note: Spell failed

To Get Rid of MauriceEdit

Saladam, belazar, oblivion!

  • Note: Spell failed

To Freeze People in PlaceEdit

Lindor, ramamanthas, insectus!

To Call EndoraEdit

Quadramus invecta expedia

Season 3Edit

To Make it Rain on DarrinEdit

Every tear my daughter has shed,

Make buckets of water fall on his head

Season 4Edit

To Make the Piano PlayEdit

The Road to Mandalay,

I beg you piano to play

To Light the LighterEdit

I command with all my might,

This wretched lighter now to light

To Light the FireplaceEdit

Twindling, kinding earn my praise,

Fire burn with cheery blaze

To Get Rid of the Artifical GrassEdit

Thunder, dunder

Seven day wonder,

Look below and see this blunder,

Spirits old and roam the night,

Take this greenery from my sight

To Zap Up Artificial GrassEdit

Hallow fallow roosters cry,

As the sun climbs in the sky,

As the spirits of the day are seen,

Change this lawn to verdant green

  • Note: Spell failed

To Zap Up Artificial GrassEdit

Phillison follison spirits that fly,

Let me give it another try,

Replace this velvety carpet of green,

With artificial grass of wax and sheen

Season 6Edit

To Zap Up Santa's ElvesEdit

Stars, sun, wind, and tide

In the heavens where you'll abide,

Before your powers we do bow,

Bring Santa's helpers here and now

To Zap Up Santa's ReindeerEdit

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen,

On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen,

On to the house where Santa is stuck,

Be sure as you fly the antennas you duck


Atom's split and so can men,

be in both places, here and Japan,

one for the money, two for the show

Dustin husband stay, businessman go!

Season 8Edit

To Call SerenaEdit

North, south, west, and east,

S.O.S. for the Loch Ness Beast,

This Serena is a subpoena

To Go Back in TimeEdit

Time and tide,

Wind and sea,

Back to Banano's age go we,

Master builder, cursed by fate

Esmerelda's ancient date

To Turn a Statue into a ManEdit

Though of marble you are carved,

For a woman you are starved,

So back to flesh and sinue,

The fairest of them all will win you

To Teleport to the Silverton'sEdit

Witchcrafts done the dirty deed,

Reverse it now with all due speed,

Gossamer wings, the words pell mel,

Whisk me to where the Silverton's dwell

To Summon Contessa

Compass point east, south, west, and north

I beg the Contessa Pirahna come forth

To Levitate a LampEdit

Lamp, lamp on yonder table,

Fly to me if you are able