Samantha the Dressmaker is the 24th episode of the second season. It aired on February 24th, 1966.


Samantha is sewing a dress to wear for the evening at a dinner party, and goes to have lunch with her mother Endora in France; they see a dress designer's designs and Samantha later copies them, but this spells trouble when the original designer comes from France to the United States area where the Stephens' live.


Samantha is designing a dress when Endora comes in. She tells Samantha about the lunch she promised she would have with her, convincing her with a statement about time, since Samantha said she needed to get the dress finished by the evening. Endora teleports them to Paris, France and whiffs Samantha into an appropriate attire.

After lunch, Samantha is about to go home, but Endora suggests going to see a dress designer, with the thought that Samantha needs inspiration and looking her best.

Endora and Samantha are then told the dress designer is busy, so she freezes them and enters. They briefly look over the dresses, and Endora plays around with the surrounding objects before she leaves.

Later, Samantha finishes the dress while Gladys Kravitz is snooping with her binoculars, telling Abner that Samantha asked her to babysit Tabitha; she immediately says she actually insisted, that Samantha didn't want to take advantage of her.

Darrin comes home, and jokes about the dress being better when it's ready. When he's upstairs, she uses her witchcraft to turn it into the blue dress she saw in Paris. As they leave, Gladys Kravitz is surprised by Samantha's dress.

At the client's house, at dinner, his wife asks if Samantha has ever been to Paris, seeing that the dress she was wearing did not appear local, and Darrin points out that Samantha made it herself, prompting the wife to ask Samantha to make a dress for her. The wife's sister does the same.

The next day, Samantha would have three dresses to make since Gladys Kravitz asked for one too. The three ladies come over for their "fitting" and Samantha pretends to memorize their measurements. As soon as the ladies leave, Samantha twitches up the three originals she saw at Aubert's in Paris. When Gladys comes in for something she seems to have forgotten, she is shocked to see three dresses made in 10 seconds.


  • When Endora freezes everyone and they're looking at the dresses, one of the women blinks.