Spells from Season 5

Weep No More My WillowEdit

(Dr. Bombay trying to cure a sick tree)

Weeping willow, black with light
I command with all my might
That your sap run free and bright
And with every wayward breeze
Which within your branches leap
You will weep and weep and weep

(Samantha trying to call Dr. Bombay)

From Tripolee to Timbucktoo
I beg, I plead, I beseech of you
A moment longer do not stay
Come to me, come to me, Dr. Bombay

(Dr. Bombay trying to fix his backfired spell)

Hark, ye wreched breezes blowing
Cease Samantha's tears from flowing
Dry her eyes, awake or sleeping
And let laughter replace her weeping

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