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Name: Serena
First Appearance: Something Makes Three
Portrayer: Elizabeth Montgomery

(credited as Pandora Spocks)

Species: Witch
Gender: Female
Hair: Black/Blonde
Eyes: Green
Specialty: Witchcraft
Family: *Maurice (uncle)

Serena is Samantha's cousin who resembles her.

Looks and personalityEdit

Serena is a witch who loathes mortals and loves to use her magic any time she wants.  She is a preppy witch and is always getting on her cousin Samantha's nerves.   Serena has a mark on her cheek that is different in every episode she is in, from a heart when she decides to try dating mortals to a fish during the Loch Ness episode.


Although her appearance is different, Serena is occasionally used as a stand in for her cousin. This was why actress Elizabeth Montgomery played the dual role of Serena and Samantha in each of the former's appearances. When playing Serena, Montgomery was credited under the psudonym "Pandora Spocks".

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