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Tabitha Stephens
Name: Tabitha Stephens
Cause: End/cancellation
Portrayer: Cynthia Black (And Then There Were Three)
Heidi and Laura Gentry (rest of Season 2)
Tamar and Julie Young (rest of Season 2)

Diane and Erin Murphy (Season 3)
Erin Murphy (Rest of show)
Lisa Hartman (Tabitha)

Episode Count: 116
Nickname: Tabs (by Nancy)
Species: Witch
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde
Brown (original pilot of Tabitha)
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Editorial assistant at Trend magazine (original pilot)
Producer of KXLA
Family: Darrin Stephens
Samantha Stephens (mother)
Adam Stephens (brother)
Frank Stephens (paternal grandfather)
Phyllis Stephens (paternal grandmother)
Maurice (maternal grandfather)
Endora (maternal grandmother)
Relatives: Albert (great-uncle)
Darrin the Bold (ancestor)
Aunt Clara (maternal great-aunt)
Bertha (maternal great-aunt)
Agnes (maternal great-aunt)
Aunt Hagatha and Aunt Enchantra (maternal great-aunts)
Aunt Grimalda (aunt)
Cornelia (maternal great-aunt)
Adam (maternal great-great great grandfather)
Mario (maternal cousin)
Edgar (maternal cousin)
Serena (paternal second cousin)
Cousin Henry (maternal second cousin)
Panda (maternal cousin)

Tabitha is the daughter of Samantha and Darrin. She is a witch and started using magic at a young age. Although Darrin hoped their child would be a mortal like him, he soon discovered she was doing strange things, and found out she inherited her mother's powers: the gift of magic. Later their son Adam would turn out to be a warlock after having his witchcraft tested.  She twitches her nose like her mother too to cast her spells.


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