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Tabitha Stephens
Name: Tabitha Stephens
Cause: End/cancellation
Portrayer: Cynthia Black (And Then There Were Three)
Heidi and Laura Gentry (Season 2)
Tamar and Julie Young (Season 2)

Diane Murphy and Erin Murphy (Seasons 3-5)

Liberty Williams (Tabitha/Tabatha Original Pilot) Lisa Hartman (Tabitha)

Episode Count: 116
Nickname: Tabs (by Nancy)
Alias: Tabatha Stephens

(Tabitha/Tabatha Original Pilot)

Species: Witch
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde
Brown (original pilot of Tabitha)
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Editorial assistant at Trend magazine (original pilot)
Producer of KXLA
Family: Darrin Stephens
Samantha Stephens (mother)
Adam Stephens (brother)
Frank Stephens (paternal grandfather)
Phyllis Stephens (paternal grandmother)
Maurice (maternal grandfather)
Endora (maternal grandmother)
Significant Other(s): Cliff(Tabitha/Tabatha Original Pilot)

Paul Thurston (Tabitha)

Relatives: Albert (great-uncle)
Darrin the Bold (ancestor)
Aunt Clara (maternal great-aunt)
Bertha (maternal great-aunt)
Agnes (maternal great-aunt)
Aunt Hagatha and Aunt Enchantra (maternal great-aunts)
Aunt Grimalda (aunt)
Cornelia (maternal great-aunt)
Adam (maternal great-great great grandfather)
Mario (maternal cousin)
Edgar (maternal cousin)
Serena (paternal second cousin)
Cousin Henry (maternal second cousin)
Panda (maternal cousin)
Religion: Unknown
Nationality: American

Tabitha is the daughter of Samantha and Darrin. She is a witch and started using magic at a young age. Although Darrin hoped their child would be a mortal like him, he soon discovered she was doing strange things, and found out she inherited her mother's powers: the gift of magic. Later their son Adam would turn out to be a warlock after having his witchcraft tested.  She twitches her nose like her mother too to cast her spells.


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