That Was My Wife is the 31st  episode of the first season of the Bewitched.


Darrin and Samantha try to spice up their marriage by reserving a suite at a fancy hotel. She arrives in a brunette wig and hugs Darrin, not knowing that they are being watched by Larry! Samantha later forgets a book and pops home to get it. Larry sees her at home and this causes a great misunderstanding. Louise tries to help out the supposedly doomed marriage, but when she meets Darrin in the hotel lobby to talk, Larry thinks that she was the brunette he saw before. After Darrin gets punched in the eye by Larry, the misunderstanding is cleared up when Darrin explains how Samantha got home and back to the hotel: she knew a short cut.


  • Samantha takes a puff off of a cigarette. This is the only episode in the whole series that Samantha smokes.
  • This episode was filmed on March 15, 1965.