The Crone of Cawdor is a 500-year-old disagreeable woman who was also a witch. She was turned into a hag and forced to live all alone on a mountain peak in Carpathia. From 6AM to 6PM, she would steal another woman's body and try to get a kiss from a male mortal so they would switch ages permanently!

The Crone steals the body of a young, beautiful 24-year-old woman named Terry Warbell, and makes Darrin her victim. The real Terry Warbell is trapped in the 500-year-old Crone's body, and she appears at the Kravitzes house and Mrs. Kravitz calls Samantha, and Endora tells her to bring the woman to her house.

Terry tells Samantha and Endora that in the morning, she was driving in her car when an old woman waved to her and she stopped. Afterward, she was the old woman and she was her driving off in her car. She only remembered her name and her age. Endora realizes she's the Crone of Cawdor, and when Samantha was a little girl, it was one of her favorite bedtime stories. Samantha realizes that Darrin is in mortal danger, and if he kisses her, he'll be 500 years old!

After finding Darrin at Terry's apartment, he is shocked and accuses Samantha of not trusting him. Samantha insists she trusts him, but not the woman. After Samantha tells Darrin the truth, he doesn't believe her, and the woman denies it. The clock strikes 6PM, and after the last chime, The Crone's and Terry Warbell's bodies switch back. Darrin is horrified, and he and Samantha return home. Samantha convinces the real Terry she had amnesia.