It is the ability to turn someone/something from one form into another. Samantha's family has turned Darrin into many things. 

  • Endora turned Darrin into a toad, a billy goat, a cat, a horse, a boy, and an old man.  
  • Samantha once turned Darrin into a goose by accident and Aunt Clara accidently turned Darrin into a chimpanzee. 
  • Maurice once turned Darrin into a mule for not accepting his gift and Serena turned Darrin into a gorilla. 
  • Serena turned Mrs. Stephens into a cat for insulting her family.
  • Serena also turned one of Darrin's clients into a monkey for "Making a monkey out of Samantha." 
  • Tabitha once turned a girl into a butterfly, Sydney into a toad, a man into a little boy, and a little boy into a bulldog.